Thailand was the very first destination on our round the world trip and we loved it! Lots of beautiful temples, delicious food, amazing beaches, friendly people, and lots more.

We’ll never forget celebrating Loi Krathong in Chiang Mailearning how to dive on Koh Tao and our day petting and feeding elephants (still one of Birthe her favourite days ever!).

Don’t get disappointed if the hustle and bustle of Bangkok isn’t your cup of tea. Travel north towards Chiang Mai for some more culture or discover the hot water and beautiful beaches on one of the many tropical islands.

We’ll definitely be going back to Thailand!

Our Visits to Thailand

2017: July 9 – 29
Bangkok > Chiang Mai > Koh Samui > Koh Tao

2015: November 20 – December 16
Bangkok > Chiang Mai
$29.06 per person per day

2015: September 6 – October 1
Bangkok > Hua Hin > Koh Tao > Koh Phangan
$61.32 per person per day

Our Thailand Highlights

Need to know before travelling to Thailand

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