Who wouldn't want to partner up with these two?Who wouldn’t want to partner up with these two?

Why partner with Wandering the World?

Wandering the World is aimed at people who love planning their own travels. This makes it perfect for brands to get exposure at the best possible time: the planning stage.

In our blog posts we don’t just write about our experiences but also give all the information people need to follow in our footsteps. This includes a map of the destination with markers of the places we visited, hotels we stayed at, restaurants we loved and so on. We even track all of our expenses, so our readers know exactly what to expect.

When visiting places we try to focus on value: most people don’t have money to burn on 5 star hotels all the time but don’t want to be sleeping in 20-person dorm rooms either. That’s why we try to find places that offer the best value for your money. Does your brand offer a convenient location, unique experience, incredible service, delicious food or amazing deal? That’s what our readers are looking for!

If you decide to partner with Wandering the World you’ll be working with Birthe & Brecht. We are 2 Belgian travel and food lovers who have been blogging since 2015. We are both self-employed with our own internet business and are therefore very flexible to work with.

Because of our technical experience with general IT and web development in particular we can take things to the next level as well and offer a unique and interactive experience to our visitors. Contact us and we’ll figure out what we can do for your brand!

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Wandering the World targets English speaking travellers from all over the world. Plenty of our traffic is from people doing research while travelling.

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