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We are Birthe & Brecht, travel bloggers and food lovers. In 2015 we both quit our traditional job and left on a 1 year trip around the world. Having caught the travel bug, we’ve been travelling on and off from our home in Belgium ever since.

Wandering the World is aimed at people who love planning their own travels, just like we do. Aside from our experience we try to give you all the information you need to visit a specific destination. We even track all of our expenses so you know exactly how much things will cost you.

Another way we try to make your travel planning easier is by adding a map to all of our stories and having markers throughout the text, showing you exact locations. This marker shows you where we are right now, for example. Try clicking on it!

When visiting places we try to focus on value: we don’t have money to burn on 5 star hotels all the time, but won’t be sleeping in 20-person dorms either. We love experiencing new things and discovering the best a place has to offer. Whether that’s beaches, diving, hiking, bungee jumping, food or dancing, we’ll try it all.

So follow in our footsteps and start planning your next trip!

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