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Our stay at Prik Thai Resort in Koh Tao

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 Private Fan Double with Bathroom

Our Rating

 Close to the beach and various restaurants
Swimming pool
Little front porch with seating and clothesline

 No breakfast included
 No mosquito net in front of bathroom windows

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Upon arrival in Koh Tao, we paid a visit to the  Roctopus dive shop to see if we liked the vibe and wanted to learn to dive with them. As you may have read, we did. They suggested three different resorts for accommodation. We picked  Prik Thai Resort, a 5 minute walk along the beach from the Roctopus shop. They arranged a taxi to pick us up and bring us to the resort.

The friendly owner got a call from Roctopus and was waiting for us to arrive. She led us to a little bungalow with a double bed, a bathroom, a fridge and two fans for ฿600 a night. At Roctopus they recommended a room with a fan instead of airconditioning, because you don’t want to get a cold as a diver.

Prik Thai Resort Entrance
Prik Thai Resort Bungalow

At Prik Thai Resort on Koh Tao there is a decent WiFi connection that allowed us to keep you guys updated and Skype with our family. If you want fresh towels or toilet paper, just go to the office and ask for it. They will hand it to you with a smile. We also made use of the laundry service they offered for ฿50 per kilogram. Apparently we gave them 4 kilogram worth of dirty clothes to wash (about all the clothes we’re carrying with us) and they smelled great when they were ready the next morning!

In front of our bungalow there was a little porch with two chairs and a clothesline. Quite handy to dry your wet towels and swimwear after diving or swimming. We swam a few times in the ocean (a 50m walk from our front door), but when we weren’t up for the sand to crawl everywhere, we dipped in the swimming pool of the resort (also a 50m walk from our front door). Both the sea and pool were rather warm, so it wasn’t always refreshing though #firstworldproblem.

Prik Thai Resort Bedroom
Prik Thai Resort Bathroom

The only real drawback was the missing mosquito net in front of our bathroom “windows” (actually just decorative holes). Other bungalows did seem to have them in front of all windows, so next time we’ll pay some more attention when they show us our room. The missing net allowed mosquitos to enter our bathroom and we encountered one cockroach as well (did you know they could fly?!). However, you haven’t been in Thailand when you haven’t had a cockroach in your room.

As there was no breakfast included during our twelve day stay at Prik Thai Resort, we tried quite a few bars and restaurants, as there were a lot to choose from. More about that in a next blogpost.

We were satisfied with our stay at Prik Thai Resort in Koh Tao. Sometimes it was a bit hot and we lost power a few times, but most of the time, the fans were enough to keep us from wanting to run to the pool all the time. The money we saved by choosing a fan instead of an aircon room was definitely worth it and the little porch was definitely a plus.