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Fun day at Vana Nava Waterpark in Hua Hin

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We love amusement and waterparks, so while planning our trip we decided we should visit some all over the world. The first one being Vana Nava Waterpark in Hua Hin.

Brecht did his homework on this one long before we left on our trip around the world. He read about the free shuttle bus available to Vana Nava Waterpark and so we went searching for the busstop called Centara Grand Hua Hin, a 10 minute walk from Victor Guesthouse, where we stayed. We don’t know if it’s always like this, but we were the only two passengers on the ride to and from Vana Nava Waterpark. We felt almost like celebrities having this large fancy bus for just the two of us.

Free Vana Nava Waterpark Shuttle Bus
Flowboarding at Vana Nava Waterpark
The Vana Nava Waterpark Wave Pool

Until the end of 2015 there is a discount of 5% on two day pass tickets per client of True, the mobile network provider where we bought our Thai sim card. After paying, you receive a multifunctional wristband with RFID. Once inside Vana Nava Waterpark, you can put money on the wristband to pay for food and drinks in the waterpark. The remainder will be refunded when you leave. The wristband also gives access to a locker, where you can safely store your stuff while enjoying the waterpark. Before going down a waterslide you can scan your wristband to have some photos taken from you in action. Afterwards you can share those on Facebook or print one for free. The printing didn’t seem to work for us however and we both didn’t know our Facebook password by heart. Too bad.

The two coolest water slides in the Vana Nava Waterpark are the Abyss and Boomerango, the largest and longest ones in Thailand. In the Slide Jungle, the Freefall and Aqualoop give you an adrenaline boost. If you want to go down these two, you’ll have to meet some requirements. You are not allowed to have any metal rings, buttons, zippers or exposed buckles at the back of your bathing clothes. They cut a metal ring out of Brecht’s brand new swimshort and put some tape around the buckles of my bikini top. A lot of local people actually came swimming in some kind of wetsuit or regular clothes. I felt a bit underdressed.

The Freefall and Aqualoop Water Slides
The Aqualoop at Vana Nava Waterpark
Vana Nava Waterpark Slide Jungle
The Abyss and Boomerango Water Slides

Spread across the waterpark, there are different food stalls. We enjoyed some delicious fish and chips in the main restaurant and some yummy caramel popcorn as a snack. For a decent price, you can sip a cocktail at the bar in the Infinity Pool.

Near the lockers are toilets and showers, with soap and shampoo dispensers. Please mind the slippery stairs going down to this area, because I almost cut our visit short by slipping. Disaster averted!

Vana Nava Waterpark is definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys a thrill or just likes relaxing in the (hot!) Wave Pool or on the Lazy River. As you can see in our photos it was a bit cloudy when we visited, but this basically meant there were no waiting lines at all and it was still a lot warmer than we’re used to in Belgium.