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Taking the Train from Bangkok to Hua Hin

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After four days in Bangkok, we felt like we had a feel about what this big city is about and it was time for our next stop: Hua Hin. We woke up early to take a taxi to the Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok, as train 43 to Hua Hin Railway Station left at 8h05. It took longer than expected to convince a taxi driver to take us to the train station, so we arrived just in time. Or so we thought. Turns out the train was delayed and we had to wait more than one hour for it to arrive. While we were waiting, a team of men and boys came to wash every train in the station, although in our opinion the trains weren’t really dirty. We never had seen that happen before.

Waiting at the Bangkok Train Station
Cleaning the Trains at the Bangkok Train  Station

Seats were numbered in the train, by chance we had seat 1 and 2 in wagon 1. It’s a three hour trip to Hua Hin (we paid 824Baht in total for the both of us), so we made ourselves comfortable to read and do some work. After less than an hour, we were surprised to receive cereal cookies and a cup of water (you could also choose coffee or Coke). Yes, for free! The cookies weren’t that bad at all.

At about 12 o’clock we received lunch as well: rice, egg stew with chicken and mackerel with papaya. Yes, for free! But this treat wasn’t really our cup of tea. Worse than airline food in our opinion, although the Thai guy next to us seemed to enjoy it. Or at least ate it all. Apparently they really think high of a clean train, because every time the dinner cart passed by, it was followed by a man mopping the floor.

Selfie in the Bangkok - Hua Hin Train
Bangkok - Hua Hin Train Food

Overall experience was OK, we got where we wanted at a reasonable price, with some unnecessary extras. Only one inconvenience: every time we were about to cross a road, the train blew its horn to warn we were coming. We sat right behind the cabin of the train operator and we crossed a lot of roads on our three hour trip. Catching up on some sleep was not an option.