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What to do in Kuala Lumpur

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We were in Kuala Lumpur for eight days in total, two of which we spent by the pool at Seri Pacific Hotel. During the other five days, we combined working and exploring Kuala Lumpur, while spending our nights at Sahabat Guesthouse. Below, we share with you what we explored, discovered and learned.

Kuala Lumpur (called KL by locals) is a large, modern city, a bustling metropole. The center is packed with huge hotels and enormous shopping malls, all shiny and new. Though other parts, like Jalan Alor (read our blogpost about where to eat in KL), China Town and Little India are less modern, they feel more like Asia. The city is a nice mix of diverse cultures, noticeable in the different kinds of temples and food. We really liked Kuala Lumpur, it was nice being in a big, modern city for a change.

So, what to do in Kuala Lumpur?

The number one, must visit tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur are the impressive  Petronas Twin Towers, at night even more stunning than by day. Perfect for some great pictures! We never went up the towers, so we can’t tell you if it’s worth the entrance fee. You can combine this in one day with taking a stroll through the lovely KLCC Park and exploring the  Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, both at the foot of the towers.

View of the Towers from KLCC Park
The KLCC Dancing Fountains Show
The Petronas Twin Towers at Night
The Dancing Fountains in front of the Petronas Twin Towers

We also visited the Aquaria KLCC (RM128 for the both of us): check out the fish feeding schedule beforehand , those stingrays are really crazy when being fed! In the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall you can find the Signatures Food Court where we ate twice. We must admit we only tried Western dishes, but there’s plenty of choice in local food as well. Definitely stay around until sunset for a great view of the towers and enjoy a fountain light show with music in the KLCC park: the KLCC Dancing Fountains at 8pm, 9pm and 9.45pm.

Electric Eel at Aquaria KLCC
Turtle at Aquaria KLCC
Piranhas at Aquaria KLCC
Inside the Aquaria Water Tunnel
Shark in the Aquaria Water Tunnel

Another main tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur, a 30 minute train ride from the city center, are the  Batu Caves, on which we dedicated a separate blogpost.

In Kuala Lumpur there are lots of (huge) shopping malls. Besides the Suria KLCC Shopping Mall, we also visited  Lot 10 and  Pavilion, which are only 400 meters apart. We have no room in our backpack for souvenirs, but we like to wander around and take in the atmosphere. While we stayed at Seri Pacific Hotel, we visited and ate at  Sunway Putra Mall as well. Plenty of shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur have their own food court as well. Check which ones we tried and liked in our next blogpost.

In Lot 10, there is a game called Lockdown. They have differently themed real-life escape rooms, similar to Escape Room, the game we played in George Town (read the Escape Room blogpost). You get immersed in a story of your own choosing and have to try and escape the room by solving the various puzzles leading you to the key. What can I say, we’re hooked! Read more about our experience with Lockdown.

And last, we visited the Thean Hou Temple, a beautiful Chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur. We took an Uber-taxi down there about an hour before sunset, so we would have a view over the city at night. The opening hours are 8am until 10pm, entrance is free. Don’t expect an old temple with tons of history though. The temple was built in the 1980’s so it’s really quite modern.

The Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur
The Thean Hou Temple at Night
Have your Fortune told in the Prayer Hall

In the prayer hall you can have your fortune told. You basically have to pick up a bunch of sticks and drop them until there’s only one sticking out. That stick will then have a number on it corresponding with a drawer. There you will find a piece of paper with your (good) fortune on it. You will understand the explanation when you get there. Don’t miss the tortoise pond located behind the temple. It’s quite nice and simply packed with tortoises. Never seen so many in one place, really fascinating animals!

Tortoise Pond at the Thean Hou Temple
Close-up in the Tortoise Pond

We only spent a couple of days (and had to work some of them) but really enjoyed our stay at Kuala Lumpur. Make sure to give it a chance and we hope you’ll enjoy it as well!