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Playing Lockdown Escape Rooms in Kuala Lumpur

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As you may have read, we already played a real-life escape room in George Town. It basically comes down to this: you get immersed in a story of your own choosing and have to try and escape the room by solving the various puzzles leading you to the key.

While wandering around in Lot 10 Shopping Centre, we accidentally stumbled upon  Lockdown, another set of real-life escape rooms. We couldn’t help ourselves and went inside to try one of their escape rooms. We chose the room “Bail out” (medium difficult) and had to pay RM76 for the both of us (it’s a bit more expensive during peak hours). We were both handcuffed going in and managed to escape within the 60 minute time limit. #proud!

Lockdown in Lot 10 Shopping Centre

We actually liked the Lockdown room (and staff) better than the one at Escape Room. The staff is really friendly and explains the storyline clearly. They emphasize what tragical fate awaits you when you don’t escape the room within the time limit and make it feel a bit more like real-life. Furthermore, the puzzles seemed not as farfetched and were very creative. They checked in from time to time to see how we were doing and let us know if we overlooked something. While Lockdown was a bit more expensive you do get to play for 60 minutes instead of 45, so it’s definitely worth it.

Brecht read about their “The Chairman’s Office” room on TripAdvisor: a sophisticated storyline, lots of puzzles and impressive plot. Had to try that one as well, so after a couple of days we returned to give it a go. We needed a few hints and about 75 minutes, but eventually we escaped. We were grateful the staff let us solve the room even though our playtime was actually over at 60 minutes. Fortunately there were no other people waiting, so they reset the timer and let us continue! “The Chairman’s Office” is definitely the coolest escape room we’ve played so far. We were surprised and excited about the turn of events during our escape and recommend you to try it! Maybe it’s not a bad idea to try an easier room first, to get the hang of it.

We’re hooked, so we’ll probably try some more rooms around the world. We’ll keep you posted!