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Trying to solve the Escape Room in George Town

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While in George Town, we decided to check out 1st Avenue, one of the huge shopping malls in George Town. As we didn’t have a lot of spare room in our backpacks for extra clothes or shoes, we just wandered around until we found ourselves on the top floor: the entertainment floor. Well have you ever! There is an Escape Room here! Brecht wanted to try one since he read about it before our trip to London in 2014. In London it was unfortunately a bit too expensive, so when we accidentally stumbled upon this Escape Room in George Town for only RM67 for the both of us, he got really excited.

An Escape Room is a challenge for a team of 2-6 people to escape a room by solving it within 45 minutes. We both like to puzzle and solve riddles, so we were eager to try an Escape Room. We choose the Mysterious Room out of six rooms varying in difficulty, ours being a medium difficult room. Our mission was to steal the treasure hidden in the room, protected by different security measures. We basically had to search the room for keys or codes to open a number of boxes locked with padlocks. The codes could be found in simple riddles or elaborate ones with multiple stages. I’m not getting into more detail about it, otherwise I’ll spoil the fun if you want to try one.

Escape Room at First Avenue in Georgetown
The Mysterious Escape Room

Unfortunately we got stuck on an elaborate riddle and wasted too much time on it. You can ask the staff for hints, but we were too proud. Sadly that meant we weren’t able to solve the mystery within the 45 minute time limit. We wanted the try another one to boost our ego, but the lady at the reception wouldn’t let us have the Halloween deal (two rooms for only RM100 for the both of us). She said it was not possible, we should have committed to two rooms when we paid for the first one. We didn’t want to let her win with her stupid rules, so we didn’t try a second room.

We recommend you to take the deal when there is one for doing two rooms, as after one room you get the hang of it and you will probably do better in the second room. Looking back, I believe we would have been more satisfied solving the room by asking for hints instead of being stubborn and not solving it. We will definitely try it again somewhere else in the world!


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Escape Room, George Town