Where to eat in Amed

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We spent two weeks at Anugerah Villas in Amed. The first week I was sick in bed, living on water and crackers, while Brecht tried different dishes from the hotel restaurant. Unfortunately the food wasn’t that great, except for the curry. The second week we rented a motorbike from our hotel to explore the area, go snorkeling, and dine somewhere else than the three restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.

The first restaurant we tried was Gusto, a couple of minutes walking from our hotel. I was feeling better, but not yet my happy and hungry self. This would be the first decent meal in about a week, so I went with tomato soup (30,000 IDR). Brecht ordered spaghetti carbonara (70,000 IDR), which he loved. This was the closest decent restaurant within our normal budget, so we returned a couple of times. Brecht didn’t like the burger (75,000 IDR), but the chicken opor (70,000 IDR), the tuna steak (90,000 IDR), and the schnitzel with mashed potatoes (75,000 IDR) were pretty good. The staff was friendly and on each visit we got complementary water and an appetizer.

Tuna at Gusto in Amed
Not so tasty BT Sandwich
Mashed Potatoes at Gusto
Bali Island Noodles at Wawa Wewe II

On our walks to Gusto, we passed by a chalkboard inviting us to join in for a lunch or dinner on the beach at Wawa Wewe II, another resort. After some time we decided to give it a go. We followed the steep road to the beach and sat down in the restaurant. Brecht ordered Bali Island noodles (44,333 IDR), which were not bad, and I had a BLT sandwich (29,383 IDR). I remember thinking I made a safe choice, while Brecht took a risk. A minute later the waiter returned to our table to tell us there was no lettuce for my BLT. I said that was OK, thinking “lettuce is just filling”, but should have switched to another dish. I was not able to finish the BT sandwich that ended up on my plate.

The last restaurant within walking distance of our hotel was Safka Restaurant, the restaurant of The Griya Villas & Spa, the fancy resort next to ours. Fancy means more expensive, but the food was very good. In our two visits we tried the chicken caesar salad (95,590 IDR), the pizza Hawaii (114,950 IDR), and the Wagyu cheese burger (127,050 IDR), all of them delicious. We also got some complementary bread which was still warm and very tasty.

Pizza & Caesar Salad at Safka Restaurant
Delicious Wagyu Cheese Burger

On our first motorbike trip we lunched at The Grill Bar & Restaurant. Brecht had the pizza pesto (50,000 IDR), which was not bad, I had the chicken yoghurt wrap (50,000 IDR), which was a bit bland. We returned for dinner a few days later to try the Australian Ribeye (150,000 IDR). It was not the most beautiful piece of meat, but we enjoyed it.

Pizza Pesto at The Grill
Chicken Yoghurt Wrap
The Grill Bar & Restaurant in Amed

Warung Enak was the furthest, but our favourite restaurant. Although some of the staff seemed to be working there against their will, the food was very good! We ate there twice and liked everything we tried (all 50,000 IDR): chicken curry, ayam nenas (chicken with pineapple), and babi kecap (kind of pork stew, but with a Balinese touch). The pizza looked delicious as well, but we didn’t try it. You get salted roasted peanuts with your drink, a much appreciated gesture.

Warung Enak, our Favorite Restaurant in Amed
Babi Kecap at Warung Enak
Delicious Chicken Curry

On Bali you can eat extremely cheap without giving in too much on quality, if you chose the right restaurants. Warung Pantai is one of those restaurants: very cheap and good food! We lunched there twice, trying the vegetarian and chicken curry (20,000 and 38,000 IDR), nasi campur (30,000 IDR), and babi kecap (40,000 IDR). Brecht really liked the nasi campur, I was a bit disappointed about the babi kecap, expecting something more similar to the version at Warung Enak.

Great Nasi Campur at Warung Pantai
Chicken Fettuccine at Baliku Restaurant
Delicious Curry at Warung Pantai
Peppercrust Tuna Steak

One of our last dinners was at Baliku Restaurant. Brecht had read a couple of reviews saying they ate there every single day of their stay, so we had to try it for ourselves. Brecht had the peppercrust tuna (78,880 IDR) and I tried the fettuccine with chicken in creamy pesto sauce (90,480 IDR). The tuna was OK, the fettuccine was good after adding some pepper and salt. A soft and furry little Chihuahua called Tinkerbell (Tinkie for friends) paraded around the restaurant, taking a rest at our feet every now and then. So cute!

In between diving sessions at the Pyramids and the Wall we ate at the nearby Amed Kedai. They serve a great (vegetable) curry (25,000 IDR) and a good nasi goreng (30,000 IDR). The food is cheap and the view over the water is nice.

We had a lot of good food while in Amed, but we definitely recommend Warung Enak, serving cheap and delicious food. If you want to splurge a little, then Safka Restaurant is a great choice as well. Do mind the small print in restaurants, as they often charge extra fees. Enjoy!