Our stay at Anugerah Villas in Amed

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Private Aircon Double with Bathroom
300,000 IDR/night

Our Rating

Nice and clean
Amazing view
Fast WiFi (when working)

Aircon was barely cold enough at times
Breakfast not that great

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We planned on staying one week at Anugerah Villas in Amed. That would be plenty of time to explore the neighbourhood, both on land and below water. Unfortunately I spent that week sick in bed, not able to do more than sleeping all the time and every once in a while move from the bed to the toilet and back. We decided to book another week, so we could drive a motorbike around the area and go diving as planned.

We paid 300,000 IDR per night for a room with airconditioning (with remote) and a private bathroom. It was very calm, so they gave us a room with a nicer view than we had paid for. The view was absolutely amazing! We wouldn’t pay extra for it though, as the view from the (warm water) pool is more or less the same, so equally stunning. Strange though that our room didn’t have a fridge and other rooms did, as we could see when passing by. There was an old tv and some dvd’s, but those aren’t necessary when you have a view like that. The room had a terrace with a table, two chairs and a clothes rack, but most of the time it was too hot out there, in the sun.

Our Bed with Mosquito Net
Bathroom at Anugerah Villas
Our Room at Anugerah Villas in Amed
Anugerah Villas Shower

Unfortunately the aircon seemed barely cold enough at times and we had an army of ants crossing our room from time to time. There was a mosquito net over the bed though, which was nice. The WiFi was fast, when it was up. There were connection problems at least once or twice a day. Quite annoying, as Brecht worked a lot from our room when I was sick in bed. Luckily they usually lasted no more than 15 minutes.

The bathroom was clean and very spacious. There was no soap dispenser, just some little bars of soap. Showering was kind of a weird experience, as the water came out in a rhythmic harder, softer, harder, softer and no constant temperature either. They came to tidy the room almost every day, but we saw no pattern in receiving fresh towels. Most of the time we just asked for it, just like we had to do for more toilet paper.

View from our Bed
Banana Pancake Breakfast

Breakfast was included. The eggs were not that great, so we ate pancakes every morning. If you want, they bring it up to your room after you’ve ordered in the small restaurant. They serve lunch and dinner in the restaurant as well (not included), if you can’t get enough of the view. The food is not bad, but we wouldn’t call it delicious either. Better check out our next blogpost for tips about where to eat in Amed.

The staff was friendly and Brecht managed to cut a deal with the owner: free use of a motorbike and two helmets for the second half of our stay in Amed. Normally you can rent motorbikes for 50,000 IDR a day, so not a bad deal! They also arranged a car to drive us back to the airport with a stop at Tanah Lot to enjoy the sunset (750,000 IDR). There are not a lot of restaurants near Anugerah Villas, that’s one of the reasons why a motorbike is a must. There is a small shop close by and  Bali Reef Divers is within walking distance as well.

Our Room was the Top Right one
Enjoying some Reading in the Pool
Beautiful Infinity Pool

Overall we were pleased with our stay at Anugerah Villas in Amed. We couldn’t get enough from the wonderful view. When floating in the (wanna be) infinity pool, we could watch it for ages. The staff was friendly and always smiling. The room was clean, although a little cooler at times would have been nice. We would choose fast WiFi with connection problems from time to time over constantly slow WiFi every day, so no real complaints on that front. Hope you can enjoy your stay without first having to spend a week sick in bed!