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Our Guide to WhiteWater World Gold Coast

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During one exciting week we visited all Gold Coast theme and water parks to find the best rides and attractions for thrill seekers like ourselves. Read our overview post to discover what our favourite parks are and where to find the best tickets deals.

There are 2 Gold Coast water parks to enjoy on a (preferably) sunny day. One of them is right next to Dreamworld. Here’s our guide to WhiteWater World Gold Coast.

Getting the most out of your WhiteWater World visit

We had visited Dreamworld a few days earlier and noticed that lines during the first hour of park opening were practically nonexistent, so we decided to start our day of water fun with a rerun of our favourite Dreamworld rides. Around 11h we crossed over to WhiteWater World, which can conveniently be done without having to leave the park. They even offer you a wristband if you plan on switching back and forth during the day.

Do keep in mind that while bringing your own food is allowed in WhiteWater World, it is technically not in Dreamworld. We did not run into any issues, but your mileage may vary. That said, bringing your own lunch (and making use of the water fountains) is definitely a good way to save some money.

Once you get to WhiteWater World you’ll want to change into your swimming gear and get a locker. These are $10 for the entire day and you can open them in between with your wristband. We left all our stuff in there and made our way to the nearest water slide for some splashing around!

Slides at WhiteWater WorldSlides at WhiteWater World

Our Review of WhiteWater World attractions

Compared to Wet ‘n Wild, the other Gold Coast water park, WhiteWater World is definitely smaller. Still, there are plenty of slides to enjoy. The only downside? There was just one slide that didn’t require a substantial amount of queueing when we where there: The Wedgie.

The Wedgie is a “drop and loop” slide, which was quite fun but a very short ride. It’s very aptly named, so that should give you an idea of what to expect. We did it a few times during the day, when we didn’t feel like standing in line.

Other favourites were the Super Tubes Hydro Coaster, a rollercoaster-water-slide hybrid where going up is actually the most fun, and racing each other in The Little Rippers and it’s bigger brother The Rip.

We also had fun on the different Temple of Huey slides where you can choose for a 1 or 2 person tube. What we did not like here is that there is 1 general line for 4 different slides. This means that only 1 slide is used for every person going up the stairs. The throughput would be so much higher if there were separate lines and stairs for all of them. That did not stop us from trying them all though! The dark Broken Headz slide was our favourite.

The Green Room and The Bro are also worth a try, although we definitely prefer the variant on the latter one they have in Wet ‘n Wild. Birthe did hurt herself on The Bro, so that might have clouded our judgement.

The final slide available in WhiteWater World is Triple Vortex and that’s the only one we would advice skipping. Pretty boring slide and not really worth the wait, in our opinion.

When you’re tired of sliding you can take a dip in the Cave of Waves, a typical wave pool that can be found in nearly every single water park. Pipeline Plunge offers some fun for kids as well, but we didn’t really pay any attention to it.

Kids Section at WhiteWater WorldKids Section at WhiteWater World

Do we recommend going to WhiteWater World Gold Coast?

WhiteWater World is definitely a fun water park, but it could do with a bit more slides. We left around 15h, having tried all the slides and tired of standing in line. The ability to easily cross over to Dreamworld is great, but if you’re interested in spending an entire day in the water, Wet ‘n Wild Gold Coast is probably the better option.