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Our Guide to Movie World Gold Coast

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During one exciting week we visited all Gold Coast theme and water parks to find the best rides and attractions for thrill seekers like ourselves. Read our overview post to discover what our favourite parks are and where to find the best tickets deals.

Movie World was the second Gold Coast theme park we tried. After a slightly disappointing visit to Dreamworld, our expectations for Movie World were higher than ever. Did we save the best for last? Here’s our guide to Movie World Gold Coast.

Getting the most out of your Movie World visit

Advice that works for every theme park in the world: get there early and enjoy the minimal queues during those first 1-2 hours. Movie World opens at 9:30 and we were one of the first people getting in. Hurrying past several classic theme park photo opportunities, like characters and signs, we were stopped before getting to the actual entrance of Superman Escape. Be warned: you aren’t allowed to bring anything with you on this ride. So before they let you through at 9:55, make sure someone has all loose items to put in a locker and the other one secures a spot in the real line. The lockers aren’t free, so if you like Superman Escape, best do it several times in a row to minimize locker costs.

In the first 45 minutes of our visit to Movie World we did Superman Escape thrice and Arkham Asylum, which is right next to it, once. We thought we got the absolute most out of that first hour, until we noticed the long waiting times at Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. This is a fun ride for all ages, which causes long waiting times throughout the day, so it’s probably better to do this one first.

Superman Escape at Movie WorldSuperman Escape at Movie World
Birthe at Movie WorldBirthe at Movie World

Outside food and drinks, except for fruit and bottled water, are not allowed at Movie World. We bought lunch at Arthur’s Bakery: two pies and a sausage roll to share cost us $18. We found out the hard way that sauces are not complementary. It still was one of the cheapest options though and not bad at all. No need to bring liters and liters of bottled water, just fill your bottle with cold drinking water from the fountains throughout the park.

Although we rate Movie World and its rides from the viewpoint of two twenty-something thrill seekers, we want to mention the Parent Swap Programme. It was the first time we ever saw it in a theme park and we loved the idea for use in the future. When you both, as parents, love thrill rides, small children can be a little bit of a pain. The Parent Swap Programme however, allows you to line up all together and swap to watch the child(ren) at the front of the line instead of at the back, cutting your waiting time in half. Genius!

Our favourite Movie World attractions

Superman Escape 

Fast. Superman fast! That sums this thrill ride up pretty well. Definitely our favourite Movie World attraction. We did it at least 5 times spread over 2 days and every time we saw more of the details in the scenery. Bummer though that the lockers cost $2 an hour, while it’s prohibited to bring any loose items on the ride.

Green Lantern Coaster 

Fun roller coaster, situated at the entrance of the park. There are paid lockers at the entrance of the ride, but you can leave your bag at the start of the ride as well. At your own risk of course, as other people will pass your bag while you’re enjoying the ride.

Green Lantern Coaster at Movie WorldGreen Lantern Coaster at Movie World
Arkham Asylum at Movie WorldArkham Asylum at Movie World

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster 

A fun dark coaster for all ages, with drops, U-turns, and Scooby-Doo sound effects. Pretty long wait lines throughout the day, but there is an interesting movie to entertain you.

Arkham Asylum 

Your feet hang loose while you go up, down, and upside down. This ride would be amazing if it was just a little smoother. Still loved it though.


Fun Movie World attractions

Batwing Spaceshot 

Instead of being dropped to the ground, you get shot 60 meters up in the air. It’s not that much of a thrill in our opinion, but fun and you have a nice view over the park.

Wild West Falls Adventure Ride 

The classic, but fun water ride where you sit in logs. Guaranteed you’ll get wet in this one!

Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 

A stunt show about car racers packed with action. We loved the interactive part.

Stunt Driver 2 ShowStunt Driver 2 Show
Wild West Falls Adventure RideWild West Falls Adventure Ride

Other Movie World attractions

Justice League 3D – The Ride 

The ride itself was not really worth it, but I just love shooting with those laser blasters!

Looney Tunes 4D

We’ve seen better 4D movies, but it was OK.

Do we recommend going to Movie World Gold Coast?

Even though we hated the locker system at Movie World (it’s required, but not free), it was still our favourite Gold Coast theme park. There are lots of roller coasters, our favourite kind of rides, and the scenery is great. There are no flat rides though. If you like those better you’ll prefer Dreamworld over Movie World.