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Vayable was unfortunately shut down in November 2019. Similar services are offered by websites such as TakeMeTour (Southeast Asia) and ToursByLocals.

If you’re looking for a unique travel experience you probably shouldn’t book a tour in the tourist office or go to the attractions mentioned in your guide book. It would be a lot more interesting to have a local show you around and take you to all the spots that are practically impossible to discover on your own. Vayable is here to help you find those locals.

Vayable is basically an online marketplace for experiences. People can list an activity in their hometown and earn money by offering it to travelers. These insiders, as Vayable calls them, are often very passionate about their experience and offer a unique view on their city.

Just a few examples of activities you can find:

Belgian Beer Tour (Brussels, $150)
A 3 hour walking tour in the historic city center of Brussels where you’ll be seeing the city highlights and learning about the many different kinds of Belgian Beer. You’ll discover different cafés that you wouldn’t even know existed.

Scout for Street Art (San Francisco, $37)
As author of Stencil Nation, Russell is the perfect guy to take you around San Francisco and show you the best pieces of graffiti and street art. You’ll be discovering a subculture you might otherwise completely miss.

Tequila Adventure Rapel (Tequila, $50)
Add some adventure to your vacation with a tour to the Tequila manufacturing plant that includes rapeling a 90ft waterfall.

And many more…

There’s a large variety of experiences available ranging from a few hours to several days. Wether you’re passionate about food, art, adventure or anything else, there’s a good chance you’ll find an interesting activity on Vayable and it won’t be one you can book at the tourism office.

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