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 Discover beautiful places around the world

 Only for iPhone
 Limited information about the destinations

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Tripnary is like Tinder for travel: instead of being presented with people you’ll get a stack of beautiful landmarks around the world that you can like (swipe to the right) or skip (swipe to the left).

Liking a place adds it to your travel bucket list so once it’s time to plan your next vacation you can open up Tripnary again and see an overview of all the places you’ve liked around the world and even the price to get there.

Tripnary Browsing
Tripnary Airline Prices
Tripnary World View

Tripnary is a fun little iPhone app for discovering new places to visit around the world and building up your own travel bucket list, but lacks a bit in information about those places. It’s great for inspiration but you’ll still have to do your own research afterwards.

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