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Anyone visiting Southeast Asia should take a look at Travelfish: an online travel guide focussing on that area with an abundance of information and inspiration.

Just click on your destination and you’ll be presented with some history, things to do and see, places to eat and sleep, the price and state of transportation, and so on. Everything you’d want from a traditional guide book and more.

There are literally thousands of pages you can read through, all of them written by people living in that region. If a place or activity is on the website, someone has actually been there before writing about it. Sights include a star-based score and show you when that review was last updated as well.

Apart from that there’s also some general information on travel insurance, what you should pack, learning the languages, … There are even itinerary suggestions for each country to get the most out of your visit. All countries have a “Beginner’s Guide” covering currencies, safety, tipping, visas and more. Everything you need to plan a visit is available!

Reading through all that information can take quite a lot of time so it might be a good idea to create a Travelfish account, which opens up some great features. With an account you’ll have the ability to generate a PDF file containing all information about your destination. Perfect for offline access on your tablet, for example.

Another nice feature is scrapbooking: if you come across an interesting sight, activity, accommodation, destination or restaurant you can hit the “Add to scrapbook” button which will basically create a bookmark on Travelfish for you. Perfect for getting back to it later.

Last but not least there’s an active forum where you can discuss things or ask about anything that wasn’t covered.

Travelfish really is one of the best travel guides to Southeast Asia.

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