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One thing you should try and do in every city is finding a viewpoint to see it from a different perspective. Sometimes this means you have to hike up a mountain, but it can be as easy as taking an elevator up to a rooftop bar as well. Bonus: enjoy the view with a drink in hand! How to find the best rooftop experience in cities all over the world? That’s where The Rooftop Guide comes in.

What is The Rooftop Guide?

The Rooftop Guide is a website listing over a 1,000 rooftop bars, pools, and activities in more than 100 of the world’s most popular cities. For every featured rooftop bar, you can find information on the view (including photos), opening hours, dress code, and more.

How to navigate The Rooftop Guide?

All rooftop bars on The Rooftop Guide are categorized per city. Find the best rooftop bars in your next destination by clicking the continent and city, or using the magnifying glass for a search.

This will bring up a list of rooftop bars in that city, each displayed with a photo and a summary of what to expect. Scroll through this list to see which bar grabs your attention, or click the map icon in the lower right-hand corner to choose a bar that’s near your hotel for example.

Above Eleven Preview on The Rooftop GuideAbove Eleven Preview on The Rooftop Guide

We enjoyed a cocktail with a view at Above Eleven during our visit to Bangkok! Read about our experience here.

Browsing for inspiration?

If you don’t have a particular destination in mind yet, you can also browse The Rooftop Guide for inspiration. Click “Explore” and “Top 10” in the navigation menu for a selection of the 10 best rooftop bars in the world. Below the list they explain the criteria they had in mind when selecting these 10 rooftop bars.

So, in short: The Rooftop Guide is a one-stop guide to the best rooftop bars around the world. What’s better than a drink with a view?

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