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Limited to about 200 cities at the moment

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Nomad List is a great resource for Digital Nomads: those who travel the world and work remotely via the internet. It provides a beautiful overview of cities that can be filtered by cost, internet speed, temperate and other important factors.

Let’s say you want a living cost of less than $1,500 per month, somewhere with warm weather and an internet speed of at least 10 MBPS. Simply select those values and you’ll be presented with a nice grid of possible locations:

Nomad List results

The results can be display in a list or on a map as well, however you prefer it. Results are sorted by Nomad Score which takes all the different factors into account.

Detailed information is available by clicking on your city of choice:

Nomad List details

Apart from those general filters there are a few that might be very important for some people. You can filter by female safety, gay safety and the availability of specific payment providers, for example.

Nomad List is a perfect resource if you’re a Digital Nomad looking for the next place to travel to!

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