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Ability to choose free WiFi only
Clear indication confidence in the data

Limited possibility to filter on hotel price

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The internet has changed the world and many travelers depend on it to keep in touch with their friends, relax with some funny cat videos or even work remotely. Unfortunately not all hotels have caught up with this so you might be stuck with an excruciatingly slow Wi-Fi connection, if there even is one at all.

There’s no clear correlation between the price you pay for your hotel and the Wi-Fi you’re getting either. In fact, while free Wi-Fi spots are popping up everywhere, it’s the high-end hotels that often still charge an add-on for access.

Luckily Hotel WiFi Test is here to help you out. The website and accompanying iOS app allow you to search for any destination and get a list of hotels sorted by WiFi Happiness which is a ranking based on download and upload speed, latency and stability, all key metrics regarding their Wi-Fi connection.

There is also a confidence score which indicates how confident they are about those metrics. This is important because all the data is crowdsourced: if you’re in a hotel you can use the website or app to test the connection and share that data. The confidence score is based on how thoroughly and frequently those tests have been performed at that hotel.

Once you’ve got a list of hotels there are a few useful filters you can use as well. Check the “Only free WiFi” box if you’re not willing to pay for it or filter by nightly rate, hotel star rating or traveler ratings to get a list of hotels that fit your preferences.

No reason to get frustrated anymore, just make sure to check Hotel WiFi Test before booking!

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