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 A fun way to explore new (or old!) environments
Millions of caches all over the world

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Geocaching is basically a real-life treasure hunt that’s perfect for exploring new (or rediscovering old) environments.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about geocaching you might not believe that you’ve probably walked by one of those treasures. But with more than 2.5 million actively maintained caches out there, chances are you did.

A cache is usually small (film canisters are quite popular) containing a logbook or logsheet but some of them even contain items, making it an actual treasure hunt. The idea is to log your visit and, if you take an item from the cache, to leave something behind of equal or greater value.

The easiest way to get started is to install the app on your phone and search for any nearby caches. Make sure to notice the difficulty and terrain rating so you know what you’re getting into. Read the description, turn on the GPS on your phone and off you go. The GPS will only be able to take you so far, so once you’ve arrived it’s time to get out your detective skills. Some caches include additional hints if it’s proving to be too challenging.

Once you’ve acquired the taste with a few easy caches you might consider going Premium to unlock all caches and features. Plan your geocaching on the website, select the caches you want to tackle and even save them online.

There’s plenty to explore!

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