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Part of travelling the world is tasting the world. And what better way to do so than joining a hands-on cooking class by a local? Cookly has gathered quality cooking classes all over the world for you to choose from, no matter where you’re travelling.

Why would I take a cooking class while travelling?

Taking a cooking class when visiting a new destination is an excellent way to get to know the local cuisine. What are the local customs when it comes to food, spices, and ingredients? While learning from a local, you also get to meet other travellers.

On top of that, you’re taking home what you learned and (hopefully) will be able to recreate that yummy local food back home. Soon you’ll be able to travel the world in your kitchen!

What is Cookly?

Cookly is a booking platform, offering cooking classes in culinary destinations all over the world. By gathering these cooking classes on one platform, you can easily search, compare and book authentic cooking classes, no matter where you’re travelling.

Cookly verifies every cooking school they work with, so you can trust you’re booking a quality cooking class through their website. They visit the cooking school, check out the venue, meet the people, and try the classes before allowing them to join Cookly.

How to navigate Cookly?

The easiest way to start looking for a cooking class that fits your needs, is using the Cookly search bar. Whether you already know where you’re going or not, the search bar is there, smack in the middle of the home page, to help you out.

Cookly Search BarCookly Search Bar

Upon clicking the search bar, a bunch of popular destinations and cooking schools appear. Click one of those to be taken to the relevant page immediately. Or start typing, and suggestions for destinations, cooking schools, and cooking classes that match your search will pop up. Again, clicking one of these suggestions will take you to the relevant page.

Another option is clicking “All Destinations” in the footer of the website. This takes you to a (not so clearly structured) page listing all destinations in which they offer cooking classes. Click on a country or city to see an overview of available cooking classes.

Cookly Cooking Classes OverviewCookly Cooking Classes Overview

You can explore the cooking classes by category (looking for vegan options?), view them on a map, or simply scroll through the previews. Or filter them based on when you want to take a class: today, tomorrow or in 2 days, and in the morning, the afternoon or the evening? You can find this by clicking the “Time” button.

The “Filter” button provides a bunch of tags which you can check (literally) to narrow down the kind of cooking class you’re looking for. When looking at Cookly Cooking Classes in Rome you can check “Pizza Making” for example, in Tokyo that can be “Ramen Making”. Some tags like “Countryside” or “Great for couples” are available in nearly every destination.

Filtering Cooking Classes on CooklyFiltering Cooking Classes on Cookly

When browsing through the different options, you can click the heart-shape to add this cooking class to your wishlist. That way you can easily compare your favourites later.

On the overview page you can see some cooking classes have the “best seller” label, “new on Cookly” label, or a “discount” label. In a glance you can see which cooking classes are popular, which ones are new on Cookly, and which ones currently have a discount.

I can definitely understand why this Pasta & Tiramisu Making Class in Rome is a best seller, for example:

Cookly Pasta and Tiramisu Making ClassCookly Pasta and Tiramisu Making Class

On the cooking class pages you can find all the information you could possibly need to decide if this one is right for you. On the top there’s the practical information, like starting time, duration and language. Next, there’s an “About” section, giving you a general feel of what the cooking class is about.

Quickly see which highlights (like a welcome drink) are included in the booking price, before scrolling through the entire schedule of the cooking class. Check out the dishes you’ll be cooking and browse through the additional information about confirmation, cancellation and the like.

At the bottom, you can see some photos taken by travellers, reviews they left, and a map with the location of the cooking class marked on it.

Did you know Cookly has an app as well? Compare and book quality cooking classes on the go!

How to book a cooking class on Cookly?

Booking a cooking class on Cookly is pretty straightforward. You can’t really miss the big red “Book now” button on the cooking class pages. Just select a date, time, number of people and click that red button. Pay securely through Cookly and enjoy your food experience!

Booking a Cookly Cooking ClassBooking a Cookly Cooking Class

Should you have to cancel your Cookly booking (we hope you won’t have to!), they have a fair cancellation policy in place. If you cancel more than 48 hours before the start of the class, you receive a full refund. If it’s less than 48 hours or you don’t show, you won’t receive a refund. That’s for the preparation time and the (fresh) ingredient purchases the cooking school had to invest in beforehand.

Do take into account that a 4% cancellation fee is charged for all cancellations. If you want to reschedule instead of cancel the class, just contact to cooking school.

Note that this is the basic Cookly cancellation policy. You should always check the cancellation policy on the cooking class pages as well. If this one states something different, that’s the one that will be applied.

Cookly is more than just cooking classes

Cooking classes are the main focus at Cookly, but you can combine them with other food-related activities as well. Book a cooking class that includes a wine tasting in Florence for example, or one with a market tour in Bangkok.

Just go to the overview page of the destination you’re visiting, and browse the options. Mostly these kind of tours are combined in a category, or you can check these tags when clicking the “Filter” button.

Cookly Cooking Classes By CategoryCookly Cooking Classes By Category

Cookly is more than just a booking platform. Apart from the cooking classes (and other food-related activities), their website also has a bunch of city guides. You can find them under “Guide” in the footer of the website, and they include articles on the best restaurants and the most fun things to do in that city, among others.

Cookly as a travel-themed gift

Cookly sells gift cards as well. Give your travelling friend a cooking experience as a gift, with the freedom of deciding what and where later (no expiration date!). I would definitely be a happy friend! Check out the available Cookly Gift Cards here.

As self-proclaimed foodies, we can only thank Cookly for being such an amazing booking platform for cooking classes around the world. This definitely makes our lives easier when it comes to deciding which cooking class to take in our next destination!

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