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Accommodation costs can quickly add up when on the road, especially if you’re staying in hotels all the time. Luckily there are alternative lodging options that are a bit easier on your wallet. Airbnb is one of those options.

Plenty of people have a spare room in their house that’s used for the occasional sleepover. Some people even have a apartment that’s only used in the summer. Why not rent out those to travelers looking for a place to stay?

That’s exactly where Airbnb comes in.

Anyone with a spare room (or more) can put his or her place on their website and Airbnb tries to connect them to travelers. As a traveler you go to the website, pick your destination and get a list of all the available accommodation.

Next, you can filter by room type: do you want the entire place to yourself, just a private bedroom or will a shared dorm-like room do?

The prices usually go down with less privacy and you might just learn a thing or two from your roommates. If the owner is staying there himself, you even have a local at your disposal.

Tips for travellers

  1. You’re not renting from an agency. Always send a personal message first to introduce yourself and check if your welcome, even if the calendar has a free spot.
  2. Read the description and house rules. If they mention it’s not a place for party people, don’t go there if you want to get drunk every night.
  3. It’s not a hotel room. Even though some places charge a cleaning fee you should probably clean up after yourself.
  4. You’ve made some new friends, great! But don’t just expect you can bring them all over. Ask for permission first.

Tips for owners

  1. Try to reply to all messages as soon as possible. Airbnb takes note of your activity and response rate and uses those metrics for ordering the search results as well.
  2. Keep your calendar up-to-date. Another indicator of how active you are on the website.
  3. Leave a detailed review of your guests right after their stay. They will hopefully notice you took your time and do the same for you.
  4. Some great looking photos are key. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  5. Keep your prices low when starting out. Once the positive reviews come in you can increase them.

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(Includes free travel credit!)