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Not always the cheapest for a specific date

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Nearly everyone is interested in finding the cheapest flight available, but most website really restrict your options in finding them. You often have to select a specific destination airport and flight dates. That works when you already know where and when you want to go, but if you’re a bit more flexible you might miss out on some better deals. Adioso is for those with some more flexibility.

When you get to the website there are 4 important fields you can use for your search:

The origin is your departing city or airport, nothing too special about this field.

This is where it’s starting to get interesting. Instead of being limited to a destination airport you can set an entire region as your destination like South East Asia, an entire continent (I want to go to Africa) or even just Anywhere in the world. The perfect option if you just want to get out but don’t know where to yet.

A specific departing date isn’t required either. You can set it to July 2015 or Between July 5 and July 14. If it really doesn’t matter you can even go for Anytime.

The same is possible for the return date. Select a specific one or just specify that you want a trip length of About 2 Weeks and it searches through all the options.


Once you’re happy with your selections hit the Find Flights button and you’ll be presented with a beautiful grid of destinations. This is a selection of the one I got for “Brussels to Anywhere in July for about 2 weeks”:

Adioso Destination Grid

Click on the destinations for more details and you’ll be presented with a list of flights, tagged with Cheapest, Best and Fastest based on price, stops and travel times. You can also hit the Watch Prices button to be alerted if the price to that destination drops below a certain threshold.


Need some inspiration for your next vacation? Then you should definitely take a look at the Wanderlists: curated lists of destinations within a specific theme. These can be set as a destination as well, so you immediately get to see the prices for your origin and date range.

How about a flight to the Best Beaches in the World or one to 7 Marathons Worth Traveling For?


One final feature that’s a bit hidden away is the Adioso DealsRadar. Just specify your origin airport and you’ll be notified of any sudden pricedrops worth checking out. Perfect for finding those hidden gems.

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