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Our Travel Plan for 2016 (And a Happy New Year to you!)

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When we started our trip on September 5, 2015 we only had 2 flights booked: the one taking us from Belgium to Thailand and another one to Malaysia 25 days later. A few weeks ago we booked all of our flights for the remainder of our round the world trip, so we can now present to you our travel plan for 2016.

We just celebrated the brand new year in Bali, Indonesia (happy 2016 to you!) and will be staying here for a few more weeks, alternating work with diving and surfing. After that we’re heading to Australia (very high on my bucket list!) where we’ll be spending nearly 3 months (January 19 until April 17). The trip will start and end in Sydney, where we hope to be able to buy a campervan to drive around the country. Not entirely around though. Australia is huge.

On April 17 we’ll leave for Christchurch, New Zealand, where we’ll be living out of a (rented) campervan until May 17. With winter coming the weather won’t be as nice over there as we’re used to by now, but we didn’t want to miss this beautiful country because of that.

Wandering the World for another 7.5 months

The reason we have all these flights booked already is because of our next stop: New York City. Here we’re going to meet up with my parents and they needed to know the dates to book their own flights. We’ll be exploring NYC together for 8 days and part ways again for the last leg of our trip: the United States. Another exciting one for us Europeans.

After New York we have a few more days for Baltimore and Washington DC before our flight to Las Vegas on May 31. Here we’ll be renting a car to explore the west and its beautiful National Parks. We just have to make sure to get back to Las Vegas 43 days later for our flight to Miami on July 13.

As theme park enthusiasts we just had to spend some time in Orlando, Florida. We’ll be renting a car here as well and hope to make a little detour to New Orleans during this last month of our trip.

Our final flight? Saturday August 13. It will be taking us back to Belgium after a little more than 11 months of traveling around the world.

Only 8 flights left on our Round the World Trip!

So that’s our travel plan for 2016. If you’ve been following along you’ll know that we’ve been traveling through the relatively inexpensive Southeast Asia so far. It will be interesting to see just how much our expenses will increase when visiting Australia, New Zealand and the United States. We’ve done some budgeting though, so we should be able to make it until August.

It was actually a bit scary to book our flight back home and put an end date on our trip. We’re not sure yet what going back to reality will have in store for us, but we’ll see when we get there. For now, we’ll just keep on traveling!