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God’s Window, a popular stop on the Panorama Route

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The Panorama Route is one of many scenic drives in gorgeous South Africa. It takes you along Blyde River Canyon, one of the largest canyons in the world. The views are absolutely stunning, with God’s Window being one of the most popular stops. Rightfully so? Keep reading to find out.

Is God’s Window worth it?

God's Window was one of the busiest stops on our day driving the Panorama Route. There’s plenty of parking space though, provided you pay an entrance fee of R15 (~ $1.27 ~ €1.03) per person. There are lots of souvenir stalls as well, should you want anything.

View at God's WindowView at God’s Window

The path leading to several similar viewpoints starts where you entered the car park. There are 2 viewpoints lower than God’s Window, and 2 higher. From each of them you’ll get a slightly different view over the seemingly endless Lowveld on the bottom of Blyde River Canyon.

The higher you get, the more impressive the view, but the longer the climb. Note that not all viewpoints have fences between you and the steep cliffs.

The viewpoint marked God’s Window had the least remarkable view in our opinion. The most beautiful view (and busiest spot) was at the top. Follow the clearly marked path through the rainforest to get there. Although it’s a short climb, do bring some water if it’s hot.

View and crowd after climbing to the viewpointView and crowd after climbing to the viewpoint

Note that God’s Window, just like most stops on the Panorama Route, closes at 17:00. We were there for about 30 minutes, briefly checking out every one of the viewpoints along the trail.

Alternative to God’s Window

If you’re short on time or don’t feel like climbing, we can recommend an alternative viewpoint to God’s Window: Wonder View. Wonder View is just a couple of minutes up the road from God’s Window, providing a similar view as the top viewpoint without the climbing and the crowds.

Alternative view at Wonder ViewAlternative view at Wonder View

Pull up at the small car park (no entrance fee), walk the couple of meters to the wooden fence and enjoy the breathtaking viewing over Lowveld. While we were there, there were a couple of locals manning a few souvenir stalls, but hardly any other tourists.

Although God’s Window is one of the most popular stops on the Panorama Route, we recommend to skip it and stop at Wonder View instead. There’s so much to see on this scenic drive and so little time in a day, so don’t waste your time climbing. Just compare the photos and decide for yourself which one you prefer. Or have you already been there? We’d love to read about your experience in the comments!

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God's Window, a popular stop on the Panorama RouteGod’s Window, a popular stop on the Panorama Route