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Exploring Angkor Wat with a Green e-Bike in Siem Reap

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Most people use a tuk tuk or motorbike to explore the beautiful Angkor Archeological Park, but why not go for an eco-friendly mode of transportation? You could rent a bicycle, for example, but it does get really hot during the day. You might not be as happy with your decision when you’re tired of exploring the temples and still have another 7 kilometers of pedaling to go to get back to Siem Reap. What we recommend: rent a Green e-Bike in Siem Reap!

What is a Green e-Bike?

A Green e-Bike is an electric bike. It’s an eco-friendly mode of transport to get around Siem Reap and explore the temples of Angkor. No effort (unlike a bicycle), no noise, and most importantly no pollution.

This bicycle (not a motorbike) runs on batteries, and just like with your smartphone it drains faster than you’d like. The bike can reach about 30 km/h (~ 19 mph), but the recommended speed is 20 km/h (~ 12 mph). If you stick to that cruising speed, you’re supposed to get 40 kilometers (~ 25 miles) out of it.

However, that range is probably the maximum you can get out of a brand-new battery, which the battery in your bike is definitely not. We didn’t drain it completely but I think 30-35 km (~ 19-22 miles) (depending on your battery condition) would be a better estimate.

Where to rent a Green e-Bike?

The Green e-Bike company in Siem Reap used to have 2 shops in Siem Reap: the  main Green e-Bike Shop or the small Green e-Bike Shop, both close to the center. We went to the small one as it was literally around the corner of our guesthouse, but we’re not sure it still exists.

What’s the cost of renting a Green e-Bike?

You can rent a Green e-Bike for $11 (only 1 person per bike!) and have to return it 24 hours later. The price includes a lock, a helmet, a battery charger, a map with the free charge points (and hot spots) in Siem Reap, and free emergency service.

We paid $10 back in 2015, so the price has more or less stayed the same.

Because the e-bike is an electric bicycle rather than a motorbike, you don’t need a driver’s license or any experience driving a motorbike. You can rent one of these e-bikes from the age of 14.

When renting a Green e-Bike, you’ll be asked to leave your passport as a deposit. They’ll keep it in a safe until you return the bike.

Before you take off you can check for any existing damage and mark them on paper. You’ll also get some instructions on how to operate it correctly. It’s possible to have the bike assist your pedaling, but the idea is to just drive it like a motorcycle.

For more information, we refer to the Green e-Bike website.

The eco-friendly Green e-Bike
Driving through Siem Reap on our e-Bike

Exploring Angkor with a Green e-Bike

The popular “little tour” at Angkor is about 35 kilometers, including the trip from and to Siem Reap. So a range of 40 km (~ 12 miles) at best seems to be cutting it a little close.

Luckily your electric bike comes with a charger, and yes, there are a few convenient charge points at Angkor. They are indicated on a map you get when renting the bike. There weren’t that many when we visited in 2015, but there are surely added more by now. Nevertheless, we were able to charge our e-bikes over lunch in a convenient location.

The fact that you rent the e-bike for 24 hours is pretty ideal for a visit to Angkor. We got them on our first day in Siem Reap at about 16:30, made our way to Angkor Wat to buy our tickets and enjoyed the free sunset before driving back.

Overnight we charged the batteries in our hotel room and the next day we had another day of touring the Angkor Park, returning the bike at 16:00. Definitely cheaper than taking a tuk tuk for 2 days!

Exploring Angkor with an e-Bike
Don't ride Elephants, rent an e-Bike

So would we recommend it?

Yes, definitely! It’s a really fun (and eco-friendly!) way of exploring the temples at Angkor at your own pace. The price is fair, especially considering the fact that you get them for 24 hours. Don’t be too scared of the traffic in Siem Reap either. You’ll quickly get the hang of it and once you get to Angkor there’s plenty of space to enjoy the ride.

A better range on the batteries and/or some more charging points would be welcome though. But with some smart battery management you’ll be able to do a fun tour of Angkor without having to depend on anyone else!

Thinking about exploring the Angkor Archeological Park? Don’t hesitate, go for a Green e-Bike in Siem Reap!

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Exploring Angkor Wat with a Green e-BikeExploring Angkor Wat with a Green e-Bike