Accommodation in Franschhoek: Review of 3 on Roux B&B

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Double Room with Private Bathroom

Our Rating

Good location
Decent WiFi connection
Very friendly and helpful hostess
Lovely breakfast

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Franschhoek is the perfect base for exploring South Africa’s wine region. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation in Franschhoek, ranging from wine farms to luxury hotels. We stayed at 3 on Roux Bed and Breakfast. Here’s our review.

3 on Roux Bed and Breakfast in Franschhoek

3 on Roux is a small Bed and Breakfast in Franschhoek. With just 2 guest rooms in their home, a personal connection with the hostess and other guests is one of their assets.

The B&B is situated just out of the town centre, only a 15 minute walk from the famous Wine Tram. Lots of restaurants are within walking distance as well.

Our room at 3 on Roux

We stayed at one of the rooms in 3 on Roux B&B for 2 nights. The room was light and spacious, with a small en-suite bathroom with a shower and toilet. From our window we could see the Franschhoek Mountains (and a primary school).

Towels were provided, with a Ferrero Rocher (Brecht’s favourite) on top of them to welcome us. There was a can of water on our night stand, and everything to make coffee and tea. Even a corkscrew lay on the table, next to two wine glasses, in case you felt like cracking open one of your newly bought Franschhoek wines.

The room was nice and clean, and everything we could possibly need seemed to be provided. Complete with a small fridge in the hallway and some kind of liquor if you needed a nightcap. Unfortunately forgot to try that one.

Spacious bedroom at 3 on RouxSpacious bedroom at 3 on Roux
Bathroom at 3 on RouxBathroom at 3 on Roux

Facilities and services at 3 on Roux

We got a warm welcome at 3 on Roux Bed and Breakfast. After a short tour of the house, we sat down in the sofa with a drink for some tips on what to do and where to eat. We received a map of Franschhoek with all the points of interest marked on it.

In the morning a lovely breakfast will be waiting for you, with eggs as you like them, homemade bread, some fruit, yoghurt, muesli, juice, coffee and tea. At what time all this goodness will be served can be discussed the night before. We loved the small talk with our hostess and fellow guests at the breakfast table!

The weather in Franschhoek wasn’t as lovely as it was supposed to be during our short stay, so we had breakfast inside. However, you can choose to eat outside in the small garden as well, or just sit there whenever you like to read a book or relax.

They urged us to make ourselves at home, and even let us use the home phone to make dinner reservations. The WiFi connection was decent as well, so we could get some work done in between wine tasting and getting a food orgasm.

When we asked if we could do our laundry somewhere in the neighbourhood (we packed light), she offered to do it for us. For only R60 (~ $5 ~ €4) she made sure it was ready the next morning.

If you happen to have a (rental) car like we did, you can just park it on the street in front of the house.

How much will it cost you?

We booked our accommodation in Franschhoek at 3 on Roux through, but you can do so through the 3 on Roux website as well. It cost us 2,400R (~ $196 ~ €160) for 2 nights in a double room with en-suite bathroom. That comes down to 1,200R (~ $98 ~ €80) per night for the room, including breakfast, towels, and a decent WiFi connection. That’s pretty affordable compared to other accommodation in Franschhoek.

We absolutely enjoyed our stay at 3 on Roux in Franschhoek. With a lovely hostess and room, a nice breakfast, and everything within walking distance, there’s really nothing more you can wish for. Great value for our money!

Have you been to Franschhoek yet? Where did you stay? Or is it still on your bucket list? We’d love to read about it in the comments!


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Accommodation in South Africa: Review of 3 on Roux B&BAccommodation in South Africa: Review of 3 on Roux B&B